Quality of logistics solutions

Quality is the main expectation of every client. It is integrated into the services and processes of our company to provide reliability, availability and trouble-free solutions.

Quality first“ is a basic idea and characterizes our behavior in relation to all our customers.

Open dialog

We are transparent. If circumstances change, we will explain the situation to the customer and agree on new conditions.

We are committed to providing feedback on all services, which we have done for our customers.

Transport safety

Our task is to understand the driver’s work and productivity and transform this to ensure the highest possible safety during transport. We do this by giving each driver the best working environment and support services to get the best possible tools for their work performance.

We contribute to sustainable development in terms of improving transport safety as an important and very active part of society.

Creativity, direction and courage

Every employee is an important part of our team. We appreciate our people: we offer space for their creativity, ideas, education and training.

We create conditions to make their enthusiasm a driving force that would always move us forward and not only as an occasional part of our work.

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