Vehicle fleet

We are gradually expanding our fleet and adapt to your needs. We offer a wide range of vehicles with a utility weight of 1.5 to 24 tons. Our vehicles have a gold service contract, which, in the event of a technical fault with the vehicle, guarantees immediate service anywhere in Europe throughout the entire truck’s life. So we do not waste time at an overcrowded service station, our vehicles are on the road and driving.

The entire fleet is environmentally friendly and meets the strictest environmental standards. The vehicles are equipped with a modern telemetric GPS system, which allows immediate monitoring and operational communication with the vehicle and the driver.

A van with a Peugeot Boxer refrigerator

  • Utility weight: 1.5 tons
  • Pallet space: 4 pallets

Volvo FL / 5-ton refrigerated van

  • Utility weight: 5 tons
  • Pallet space: 14 pallets

Volvo FL / 9-ton refrigerated van

  • Utility weight: 9 tons
  • Pallet space: 18 pallets

VOLVO + KRONE (double-decker) refrigerated semi-trailer

  • Utility weight: 22.5 tons
  • Pallet space: 33/66 pallets

VOLVO + KRONE tarpaulin semi-trailer set

  • Utility weight: 24 tons
  • Pallet space: 33 pallets

Tanker set

  • Utility weight: 24 tons
  • Volume: 30,000 l

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