Milky ways

The raw cow milk is collected and transported to the Nitra dairy factory on a daily basic, we do operate several „milky ways“ = transport lines. The longest one leads from Nitra to the north of the country and back. We drive highways, local roads and villages and from the very beginning we have experienced the unique advantages of I-SEE software. Nothing compares to driving a new modern truck..

Twins to head the world

Born in 2018 – brand new Volvo 500 model with innovative engine just arrived.. two pieces :o) Layman would simply say, oh yes, just another truck, but driver professional goes crazy about it.

We did our best to set the truck specification to enjoy the drive, comfort and driver´s effectivity at its best. It´s up to you, guys, have safe trips!

We are growing thanks to you!

We are gradually expanding the fleet, responsibilities and obligations associated with it, and so we have had to strengthen our team. We recently welcomed a new colleague Daniel, a young and smiling guy, who quickly understood who we needed: a man with a passion for work, full of energy and willingness to face new challenges. And this year there will be a lot of challenges.

We are crossing our fingers for you, Dani!

We will love the hills, our next Volvo with the new I-SEE

On Monday, another new tractor unit arrived from Sweden. We remain faithful to white color :o) We are really happy because this beauty has a completely new I-SEE system, which means that the vehicle has climbing and descending paths in the system in front of it, and can thus command the engine and the gearbox to maximize its kinetic energy to save not only fuel but to reduce emissions. It seems unbelievable… We can’t wait for our boys to test it.

If you are interested, read more at:

The new Volvo 500 tractor unit and the KRONE tarpaulin semi-trailer

Before the end of the year, we added the new Volvo 500 tractor unit and the KRONE tarpaulin semi-trailer with a pallet basket and standard equipment for European roads to the two tarpaulin set.

Since the new year, we have three sets driving in the European Union. Happy trails, boys!

Three new Volvo tractor units

A the beginning of May, three new Volvo tractor units were added to our fleet along with Krone refrigerated semi-trailers. We wish you many happy kilometers, boys :o)